Silver Menu

£9.50 per person (minimum of 25 people)

  • Cheese and meat board
  • Cornish cocktail pasties
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Battered chicken nuggets
  • An assortment of warm quiches
  • Seasoned potato wedges
  • Vegetable spring rolls with Thai chilli dip
  • Selection of flavoured chicken pieces


Freshly cut quartered sandwiches with the following choice of fillings.

Wiltshire ham, mixture of salad and pickle

Three cheese, mixture of salad, red onion and pickle

Chicken, mixture of salad, sweetcorn and mayonnaise

Tuna, mixture of cucumber, mayonnaise, red onion and sweetcorn

Prawn, rocket and mayonnaise

Smoked salmon, rocket and cucumber

Egg mayonnaise and watercress

A selection of tortilla crisps and dip's